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Certified Organic May 2022
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Aloe M.P. Plus is Certified Organic

Aloe M.P. Plus is now USDA certified organic! This means that all of the raw ingredients used in Aloe M.P. Plus, including the vegetable capsule covering, are also USDA certified USDASealorganic.

USDA organic certification assures that the product you are consuming contains only ingredients that have been grown and processed according to federal guidelines. Products can only be labeled as certified organic if they have been grown in soil that has no prohibited substances, including pesticides and most artificial fertilizers. Organic foods cannot contain any genetically modified organisms.

Organic certified Aloe M.P. Plus gives you and your family members the confidence that you are consuming a most healthy and natural supplement.

For those from other countries purchasing Aloe M.P. Plus, know that the USDA has reciprocal organic certification agreements with many countries, including the UK and EU. These agreements allow products that are certified in one country to be accepted as certified in other countries because all those countries meet similar organic certification standards.

Thank you for your business!

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