Aloe M.P. Plus is USDA Certified Organic

Aloe M.P. Plus® contains 276 mg. of the highest quality organic, stabilized and decolorized  IASC certified Aloe Vera AMP extract in each capsule. Each capsule also contains 53 mg. of certified organic, low-allergenic, nutritious, kosher certified and easy to digest pharmaceutical grade rice protein. There is more good news! The capsule covering is made of small, easy to swallow organic vegetable capsules for the benefit of those with vegetarian, vegan, kosher, and cultural needs. 

Aloe M.P. Plus contains No Soy and No Gluten.

Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides

Our manufacturing process uses a proprietary process that produces a concentration of the very long chain (heavy weight) polysaccharides. When it comes to health benefits the polysaccharide molecule size absolutely matters.  Only the very long chains (greater than 1 million Daltons) provide the full benefits of all chain sizes, plus support for the immune system.

The AMP in Aloe M.P. Plus is carefully processed to most closely match the polysaccharides chains of natural Aloe Vera, in very dense concentration.

International Aloe Science Council Certified

The IASC is the only recognized Aloe Vera Industry certifying body in existence today, certifying the aloe content and purity of aloe products.

Aloe M.P. Plus provides you with the highest amount of certified AMP. We are unaware of any comparable product that has the IASC certification.

You can be sure of what you are getting with

 Aloe M.P. Plus! 

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